Candivore is a game development company that was founded in 2018 by its founders Sahar Azran, Zur Tamam, and Tom Amel. The company’s headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its main game, which is very popular, is Match Masters – PvP Match 3, a multiplayer match-3 puzzle game where players from around the world can entertain themselves with friends or compete against random people. It has gained significant popularity worldwide with over 50 million installations on the Play Store, and Candivore is ranked in the top 101 game development companies worldwide by Google.

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The Match Masters game has over 50 million downloads worldwide, generating over $300 million in revenue. The company has not included any platform fees or local taxes in this amount. In March 2024, the total revenue for Match Masters mobile game is $10 million, with $4 million coming from iOS and the remaining $6 million from Android devices. There are a total of 700,000 downloads, with 200,000 from iOS and 500,000 from the Android Play Store. Most of the revenue comes from in-game purchases made by players to help them progress to higher levels and improve their gaming experience. Players who do not make purchases contribute to revenue by watching video ads.

Haveli Investments

In Candivore, Haveli Investments has made an investment of approximately 100 million, and they have specific goals with this investment and a relationship with Candivore. Let’s see what they want and what their connection entails. Haveli Investments made this decision while considering Candivore’s success and growth, determining that they will invest. Their relationship with investment is that they want to take Candivore into the gaming industry and beyond, aiming for better returns on their investment. That’s why they invested in Candivore, so that more features could be added to the Match Masters game, ensuring maximum returns on their investment. Haveli Gaming has invested in other gaming studios like Omeda Studios in London and Behaviour Interactive in Montreal in accordance with the record of 2022.

Candivore match masters

Candivore is the company that released Match Masters on May 15, 2018. Match Masters is a multiplayer match-three puzzle game where players worldwide compete against each other and can also play with their friends. This game gained tremendous popularity and is now a very popular game with dedicated players, boasting 5 million monthly active users who play matches on a daily basis, surpassing 10 million daily.

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In conclusion, the Candivore company was founded in 2018, which developed Match Masters and gained a lot of popularity. Due to this, Haveli Investments decided to invest in Candivore and made an investment of approximately 100 million. Candivore’s net worth was mentioned to be 50 million plus downloads and 300 million plus revenue generated, mostly from players purchasing in-game items. Those who do not make purchases contribute to their revenue through watching ads.