Match Masters vs Toy Blast: Unraveling the Clash of Puzzle Titans

Match Masters vs Toy Blast

Introduction: Match Masters vs Toy Blast

When it comes to puzzle games for mobile devices, two standouts are Match Masters and Toy Blast. These two games provide players with a lot of entertainment. You can read about the overview, gameplay, features, and everything else about these two games in this article.


FeaturesMatch MastersToy Blast
DeveloperCandivorePeak Games
Game sizeUpdate-dependent variabilityVaries with device
Game ModesYesNo
Purchases within the app$0.99 – $99.99 per item$0.99 – $89.99 per item
Release DateJune 8, 2017September 22, 2015
Compatibility6.0 and up4.1 and up

Match Masters: Strategic Puzzle Showdown

Match Masters is a somewhat challenging puzzle game in which you have to remove colored tiles by matching them on the board strategically. You have to smash them together. It offers real-time multiplayer battles and a competitive edge, requiring you to use quick thinking moves. In Match Masters, the levels keep changing as you progress, presenting different challenges on each level for you to overcome.

Toy Blast: Whimsical Puzzle Adventure

Toy Blast is a 3D puzzle game in which you have to match cubes during the game. You will get to see vibrant, colorful designs in it, which puzzle fans really enjoy. You won’t find a multiplayer mode in it; you can only enjoy the single-player mode.

Match Masters vs Toy Blast: Gameplay Dynamics

1. Match Masters: Competitive and Dynamic

  •   Real-time multiplayer battles.
  •   Quick decision-making and strategic gameplay.
  •   Evolving levels for continuous challenges.

2. Toy Blast: Casual and Whimsical

  •  Adventure puzzle game for one person.
  • In each level, you’ll get to see different bright colored cubes to play with.
  •  focus on specific puzzle handling problems.

Visual Appeal and Design:

1. Match Masters: Dynamic and Engaging

  • 3d optimize graphics and design.
  • Simple Easy, controls for a fully immersed adventure.

2. Toy Blast: Charming and Casual

  • The design in 3D cubes style is not well-optimized.
  • Easy to understand and visually appealing to a wide range of people.

Match Masters vs Toy Blast: Multiplayer

1. Match Masters: Competitive Multiplayer Showdowns

  •    Real-time battles against global opponents and with friends.
  •    Focused on quick decision-making and strategic moves.

2. Toy Blast: Solo Puzzle Adventure

  • Only available in single-player mode, with no support for multiplayer.

Free Gifts: Match Masters vs Toy Blast

Match Masters:

  • Booster gift links and daily login rewards.
  • To maintain interest and regular play in the game, daily gifts for players are required.

Toy Blast:

  • Rare bonus offers and freebies for playing.
  • Compared to Match Masters, there are less freebies.

Conclusion: Choosing Your Puzzle Adventure

The conclusion depends on your taste as to whether you prefer Match Masters or Toy Blast. I’ve shared all the details of both games with you. In Match Masters, you can play with multiplayer opponents from around the world, and you also have the option to play with friends. On the other hand, Toy Blast offers a single-player option. Now, whichever game you like, you can download it and enjoy playing.

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