How to Get and Use Match Masters Perks

How to Get and Use Match Masters Perks

Overview OF Match Masters Perks

Match Masters is a quite popular game that features various items, among which Perks are included. Today, I will guide you about Match Masters Perks, what they are, how you can obtain them, how to use them, and the benefits of using them.

What are Match Masters Perks ?

  • Perks are very useful items. You use them when your opponent is using more powerful items than you; then, they are very beneficial for you. In every match, you get two perks at the bottom left corner.
  • Always keep in mind to incorporate these power-ups – however, it’s crucial to select them thoughtfully based on the nature of the match you’re engaged in. Experiment with all of them, identify your preferred ones. Keep in mind that certain power-ups may require more coins, but regular gameplay will generally provide you with a substantial supply of most of them.

How to get free Perks in Match Masters?

There are a few different methods that you may get Perks in Match Masters.

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Trophy Milestones:

  • Achieve trophy milestones to unlock unique rewards perks and advancements in the game.
Trophy Milestones

Special Tournaments:

  • Participate in special tournaments for a chance to compete against others and earn exclusive rewards.
Special Tournaments


  • Engage in various in-game events to experience new challenges and collect rewards.

Album Rewards:

  • Collect rewards by completing achievements and milestones in the game’s album feature.
Album Rewards

Purchase Using Coins:

  • Acquire items and upgrades by making purchases within the game using your earned coins.
Purchase Using Coins

Match Masters has ten distinct perks, each of which confers a unique set of abilities. From these, the fundamental bonuses for matches are the Hammer and the Shuffle.

When compared to other types of perks, basic perks are those that are always accessible and do not take any effort to get.

Please take note that the Master Ranks milestone (3800 Trophies) unlocks new premium perks and the ability to pick perks before matches.

Match Masters All Perks

1. Mini Cleo:

  •    Duplicate a selected piece in a scarab-style fashion.
Mini Cleo

2. Energy Boost:

  •     Charging energy for the next match, irrespective of matched colors.
Energy Boost

3. Checkerboard:

  •     Transform the entire game board into a checkerboard pattern.

4. Create Lightnings:

  •     Introduce two lightning elements at random positions on the board.
Create Lightnings

5. Remove Cross:

  •    Eliminate the row and column of a selected piece with the Remove Cross perk.
Remove Cross

6. Mini Cobra:

  •    Clone a chosen column to the right.
Mini Cobra

7. Mini Wand:

  •     Remove a random color from the board, creating opportunities for additional matches.
Mini Wand

8. Mini Mastermind:

  •    Rearrange specific board pieces to facilitate special matches.
Mini Mastermind

9. Bomb Delivery:

  •    Place a bomb in the middle of the board, causing an explosion around it.
Bomb Delivery

10. Teleport:

  •     Enable the swapping of positions between any two pieces on the board.

11. Star Maker:

  •      Introduce blue stars, encouraging more matches with blue pieces and activating the booster. Also generates blue special pieces.
Star Maker

12. Detonator:

  •     Trigger all special pieces present on the board simultaneously.

13. Shuffle:

  •      Rearrange all current pieces on the board, generating new combinations.

14. Hammer:

  •      Utilize a hammer to either remove or activate any single piece on the board.

How to use Perks in Match Masters ?

The perks are very useful items. You use them when your opponent is using more powerful items than you. This is very beneficial for you. In every match, you get two perks. At the bottom left corner in the match masters, you can easily win the match by using both free boosters and perks.

One Advice From Me

When it’s appropriate, use your benefits. Maintain concentration and strategically utilize your perk when the stakes are high and time is of the essence.


In conclusion, I have told you how to get and use Match Masters perks and how many types they have. What benefits do they have when used? I hope you liked my article about Match Masters.

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