How To Get Match Masters Club : Unlock Your gaming Experience into Pro Level

How To Get Match Masters Club : Unlock Your gaming Experience into Pro Level

Introduction How To Get Match Masters Club

Match Masters is a highly popular game, and there are many people who play it. If you are among them, you will definitely want to gain an advantage and reach a pro level. Besides the Master Club in Match Masters, no other thing can elevate your gaming experience to a pro level.

This club and pass provide you with many items that can make it very easy for you to defeat your competitors. In this article, I will tell you how you can unlock it and enhance your gaming experience.

Overview the Match Masters Masters Club

The Match Masters Club is thoroughly developed to recognize and make up one of the most devoted gamers. Joining the Club grants you unique benefits and additional benefits, improving your gaming experience and providing you the esteemed title of a real Master. The Suit Masters Club is separated into three Clubs: Silver, Gold, and Diamond, each club offering its very own one-of-a-kind array of rewards.

Let’s look at these three clubs in detail below :

Silver Pass: Get to the Next Level with!

The Match Masters Silver Pass Club works on the first level, and it provides several benefits to players from the Masters Club, which I will explain in detail below.

Silver Pass


  • You can enhance your gaming experience without any advertising.

Solo Events Access:

  • You will unlock solo events where you will be given special enhancements that will give you an edge in solo matches.

Exclusive Game Modes: 

  • You will be given Exclusive Game Modes that can take your gaming experience to a higher level.
Game Modes

Distinctive Silver Player Name:

  • Having a silver player name that is one of a kind will help you stand out from the crowd.

Weekly Event Tickets: 

  • You will be given three tickets in Weekly Event Tickets, which you can use to participate in special events.
Event Tickets

Monthly Incentives: 

  • Receive a monthly reward of 1 SE Booster to enhance your gaming rewards and benefits.

At the affordable rate of $15.90 per month, you can subscribe to the Silver Pass, opening up a realm of possibilities and setting you on the journey to becoming a Match Masters champion. 

It is possible for the Silver Pass, which is the entry-level plan, to have varied prices depending on criteria such as geography and other considerations which vary from country to country.

Gold Pass: Take Advantage of Your Full Potential

With the Gold Pass, you can be ready to take your experience at Match Masters to the next level. This premium option not only brings all of the benefits that come with the Silver Pass, but it also delivers a variety of additional benefits, including the following:

Gold Pass

Enjoy an Ad-Free Experience: 

  • You can continue playing without any ads interrupting the gameplay.

Exclusive Solo Events:

  • You will get access to solo events, which will give you a competitive edge in solo matches during exclusive solo events.

Exclusive Modes: 

  • Enhance your gameplay by adding exclusive modifications to your collection and exploring new modes.

Golden Player Name:

  • You will be given the title of “Golden Player,” which will indicate clearly that you are a Gold Pass member.

Event Tickets Every Week:

  •  Boost your excitement by attending more thrilling events and challenges with five event tickets provided each week.
Tickets Every Week

Upgraded Lucky Spin: 

  • In the upgraded Lucky Spin, you have a chance to win something big that can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Lucky Spin every 8 Hours: 

  • Spin the wheel of fortune every eight hours, unveiling opportunities to win incredible rewards.

Extra Trading Slot: 

  • The inclusion of a trading-specific slot will allow you to expand the range of opportunities available to you.

Booster Shield Every Week: 

  • By using the booster shield, you can protect yourself from losing during the match, and this shield automatically grows every week.

Adventure Restart: 

  • You are able to restart your adventures whenever it is convenient for you, which provides you with more opportunities to reach greatness in the game.

Monthly Rewards:

  • In addition to receiving one Sticker Token reward, you will also get one SE Booster and a Legendary Boosters Box that contains three Legendary Boosters on a monthly basis.

I have included a detailed explanation of the Gold Pass, which can be obtained by paying a monthly cost of $31.90. This pass gives you access to extra incentives and advantages that will enhance your overall experience of playing Match Masters.

The Gold Pass is considered a moderately priced subscription plan, and its cost may fluctuate based on different factors and the user’s location or country.

Diamond Pass: Achieve the Peak of Achievement

If you want to take your gaming experience to a pro level in Match Masters, then the Diamond Pass is very beneficial for you. By subscribing to it, you can avail a variety of benefits that are different and greater than those offered by silver and gold passes. If you’re interested in Match Masters’ free gifts links, you can find them on my site (Match Masters Free Boosters). Let’s take a look at the benefits of the Diamond Pass below.

Diamond Pass

Enjoy Ad free Gaming Experience:

  • You can enjoy without any in-game disturbance, adding to the gaming experience by being ad-free.

Access Exclusive Solo Events:

  • You can unlock solo events in which you can make modifications according to your choice, and by winning matches, you can gain advantages in these solo events.

Explore Exclusive Modes:

  • You can explore different game modes and play competitively with unique game modes, collecting different unique items.

Diamond Player Name:

  • In terms of the diamond title, professional players appear differently from other players and are seen as skilled in the leaderboard’s top rankings.

A Weekly Supply of Nine Event Tickets:

  • Receive nine event tickets weekly as an incentive to dive headfirst into Match Masters, expanding your gaming options.

Lucky Spin with an Upgrade:

  • Elevate the excitement as you spin the wheel of fortune with an upgraded lucky spin, increasing your chances of winning remarkable rewards.

Every Eight Hours, a Lucky Spin:

  • Every eight hours, you will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of spinning the wheel, which will open the door to tremendous prizes and surprises.

An Additional Trading Slot:

  • You may maximize the chance for profitable exchanges by optimizing your trading possibilities by adding two extra slots.

Two Booster Shields Every Week:

  • Your winning streak may be protected with two booster shields, which should be replenished once a week to guarantee that you have constant protection.

Restarting the Adventure:

  • Restarting your gaming adventures anytime you choose gives you the ability to take control of your gaming experiences and provides you with an infinite number of options for success and discovery.

On Fire Upgraded to serve for one hour:

  • Increase the amount of time you spend in the zone by upgrading to the On Fire condition, which now lasts for a whole hour. This will allow you to further enhance your gaming abilities.

Monthly Rewards:

  • It is possible to unlock monthly incentives, such as a two Sticker Token reward, a Legendary Boosters Box containing three Legendary Boosters, a SE Boosters Box containing three SE Boosters, and a single SE Booster. Take your gaming experience to the next level with these exclusive advantages that are offered every month.

The Diamond Pass, which is available to dedicated Match Masters fans for $63.90 each month, grants access to a plethora of special benefits.

The Diamond Pass is the most expensive membership plan, and its price may change depending on a variety of criteria as well as the location in which the subscription is purchased.


In conclusion, I have informed you about the Masters Club in Match Masters and discussed the prices of their three different subscription plans along with their benefits, which can elevate your gaming experience to a pro level. Now, it’s up to you to choose from the Silver, Gold, or Diamond Pass that you find appealing, subscribe to it, and enhance your gaming experience.

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