Mastering the Game: Expert Tips and Tricks for Playing Match Masters

Tips and Tricks for Playing Match Masters

introduction Tips and Tricks for Playing Match Masters

The game Match Masters is very popular, and playing it can be quite competitive. It is a 1 vs 1 match 3 puzzle game that is played with friends or random players from around the world. In this article, I have brought Match Masters Tips and Tricks for you so that you can easily defeat your opponents.

I will guide you on how to use Match Masters free boosters, on fires, and perks. I will also provide information about the game’s rules so that you can play like a pro player and achieve good results in the game. Let’s go through these helpful tips and tricks.

the rules of the game

Engage in the high-energy and challenging 1 vs. 1 match-3 puzzle competitions of Match Masters. Here’s your guide on how to play:

Points are accumulated by matching 3 or more pieces of the same color, and the participant with the highest score emerges as the winner. A match-3 competition consists of four rounds, where players aim to maximize each of their two moves per round, earning points for each matched piece.

To enhance strategic play, matching four or more pieces grants an extra move, allowing players to keep one additional move, as the maximum is two. Participants must complete their actions before the disappearance of the blue bar, as exceeding the turn time results in the loss of a move.

The game begins with a randomly selected participant, and players can fill the booster bar by matching blue stars. Collecting stars is essential to activate boosters, with varying star requirements for different boosters—some demand 5 stars, others 6 or 7. Rare boosters necessitate more stars for activation.

Activating boosters, including “perks” like the hammer and shuffle, incurs no move cost, providing players with strategic advantages without consuming their allocated moves. The hammer and shuffle perks are usable once per game.

Each match concludes with trophy rewards, granting 25 trophies for a victory and deducting 5 trophies for a loss. Additionally, winning matches yields coins, with the opponent’s booster rarity determining the earnings—10 coins for bronze, 20 coins for silver, and 30 coins for gold boosters.

Boosters come in three rarities: Bronze, Silver, or Gold, with bronze being common, silver and gold being uncommon. The “Play” option in the menu allows players to view booster cards and their backgrounds, with bronze at the top, silver in the middle, and gold at the bottom.

Losing a match results in the consumption of a booster, while victorious players retain their boosters. Boosters can be stocked up by purchasing them with coins available in the “Shop” section.

match masters tips and tricks

Each and every player of Match Masters need to be familiar with the following great tips and tricks:

Get Free Gifts From Match Masters Every Day :

Make sure to collect Match Masters’ daily gifts, where you can randomly receive Match Masters free boosters, perks, Match Masters free coins, on fire, stickers, spins, or a lot more or or You can also get a second free spin every day if you’re willing to watch a short 30-second ad. If you’re wondering where to find these gift links, there’s no need to worry. I have created a website for you under the name (Match Masters free boosters), which provides daily updated links. You can easily get gift links from there.

Pick our Perks and Boosters carefully :

  • Select the optimal combination of boosters and perks tailored to specific game modes. With a total of 36 boosters and 14 perks available in the game, each player brings unique strengths and strategies to the table. While each booster and perk has its own merits, achieving the best results involves choosing the right combination for different game scenarios.
  • Prior to initiating a match, carefully assess boosters based on their power, damage potential, your past gaming experiences, and the rewards offered in the match. Consistently opt for your most effective booster, especially when performing exceptionally well. In rumble matches, analyze other players’ boosters to inform your selection. For example, consider the synergy between the Billy Boom booster, Mini Cleo, and Diffuse. Billy Boom releases bombs, Mini Cleo duplicates them, and Diffuse effortlessly detonates the duplicated bombs. 
  • A deep understanding of the effectiveness of specific boosters and perks empowers you to play the game strategically, enhancing your chances of securing victory.

Additional Moves :

Think about every possible combination of movements you can make across the board.

  • Setting up rows of four identical things, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Making matches in a “T” or “L” configuration using three squares.
  • Third, you may unlock new techniques and powers by matching four or more objects in a row.

It is advisable to consistently aim for extra move matches as part of effective gameplay strategy.

Move before the timer goes off:

In Match Masters, your match moves must be executed within a specified time limit. In this game, every second is crucial. Act swiftly and aim to utilize all your moves efficiently within the given time constraints.

Constantly Uses Fire Mode : 

  • Ensure that you activate the On Fire mode whenever engaging in Match Masters gameplay, and maximize its benefits by combining it with the perks mode. Winning a game in On Fire mode results in a 2x multiplier applied to your coins, levels, points, and other scores.
  • Utilizing On Fire enables a swift increase in both levels and coins. To access the On Fire Daily Gift Link, simply spin the wheel and achieve victory in three consecutive games.
  • For a complimentary experience, you can also acquire free gift links from my website, offering Match Masters free boosters.

Focus on Booster Activation : 

The booster plays a pivotal role in securing victory in the game, influencing both your points and the board dynamics. Activating the booster is achieved by matching blue star items, and as you survey the board for potential matches, prioritize the activation of the booster by focusing on blue star items.

Activation of your booster occurs once you successfully match 6 or 7 Blue Star items. Exercise caution and avoid utilizing boosters when there is limited time remaining on the countdown.

Another key strategy in the Match Masters game involves the use of SE (Special Edition) boosters. These premium boosters can be acquired through various means, including in-game prizes, social media contests, special offers, and the in-game store. These diverse avenues offer ample opportunities to obtain valuable SE boosters.

You can also find free gift links for Match Masters free boosters on my website if you’d like to get it for free.

Make sure to scan the board well :

  • In the Match Masters game, you’re presented with a game board where a timer is ticking down, and you must finish your game within that time limit.
  • Before taking a break, carefully examine the entire board to identify any potential combinations of four or five elements. If such combinations exist, make sure to complete them to earn an additional move.
  • Avoid rushing through the game with swift actions. Instead, take the time to thoroughly analyze the entire board, especially while your opponent is actively playing the game.

Minimize the chances for the opponent : 

  • You need to take advantage of your opponent’s chances by removing or reducing their special items and matching combinations from the board. By seizing these chances, your opponent may gain an advantage over you.
  • As a result, take advantage of the openings that present themselves and use board manipulation tactics to your advantage to remove them.

Make an Effort to Get to 1100 Fast :

  • Prioritize achieving a 1100 rating in the game to unlock advanced content, including Tournament Mode and Team Feature, essential for experiencing the full game.
  • To overcome rating challenges, consult our Special Combos Guide and Boosts and Tools Guide for competitive insights, as reaching 1100 also grants access to bonus featu

Enhance Your Energy Levels : 

  • To excel in energy-driven games like Match Masters, prioritize maximizing your energy to boost your rating, as the game offers ample opportunities for unlimited energy, especially for beginners, providing hours of free gameplay for rapid progression.
  • If you find your energy diminishing over time, consider creating a new game account to leverage new player rewards, allowing you to benefit from bonuses you may have overlooked as a beginner. With your enhanced understanding of the game, you can swiftly regain previous items and accelerate your progress.

Join a Team

Unlock team features at a 1400 rating; teams function like game guilds for social interaction. Join an active team for event participation, improvement support, and perks like boosters and coins. Avoid inactive teams for maximum benefits, even if not highly sociable.

If you don’t know how to join or create a team, you can click here to gather more information.

Do not ever give up

  • During the early stages of the game, it’s common to sense that your opponent is outscoring you, potentially leading to a feeling of impending defeat. However, it’s crucial not to abandon your game.
  • You have the capability to turn the tables at any point by strategically utilizing your boosters, perks, and making sound decisions. I’ve personally experienced numerous instances where a comeback was possible.
  • Remember, even in the event of losing to your opponent, you still receive points as a consolation. Therefore, there’s no need to stress too much about the outcome.


In conclusion, I have given you a great deal of information on Match Masters and led you as a professional player of Match Masters. I have also provided you tips and tricks with advice and suggestions on how to become a professional player and achieve high levels and scores. I really hope that you found my advice to be helpful. 

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